Wine and rakia

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Good wines can be bought and tasted in registered winery “Botić” which produces several sorts of wine: red, white, rose and dessert wine.

The first written documents testify about cultivation of vine on this territory in XIII century. Viticulture reaches its highlight between two wars when there was not one house or salaš without vineyard. Tradition is ceased after the second world war due to taxing of hibrid sorts, bottling prohibition for private individuals and migration of the people to the cities. At the beginning of new century re-establishing of vineyards begins. Wine sorts that are present are: italian riesling, chardonnay, sauvignon, white and black burgundy, franconia, merlot, cabernet, game…

Winery Botić

Winery Botić

Address: Petra Konjovića 29, Čurug.

Tel: +381 (0) 21 833 042; +381 (0) 64 9310 209


Tradition to produce homemade brandies for own purposes is kept by many households while some sell too.

Destilerija Zlokolica

Destilerija Zlokolica

Čuruška 35, Žabalj



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