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Rođa’s windmill

Rođa’s windmill is one of 7 windmills in Čurug. It was built in Hungary in 1843 and bought by some man from Čurug. It was transported by raft on river Tisa. It changed owners frequently until 1913 when it became property of family Stojšin. Today, the windmill doesn’t have wings but mechanism and mill stones are preserved. It is restored but with no purpose. Changing this object into a museum, hospitality object or giving it back to its original purpose would create another attractive touristic object. Being the private property creates a problem and the owners are not interested for further projects. A manifestation called „Kod čuruške vetrenjače“next to the windmill is held nowdays. It represents culture and tradition of Serbian people from this area.

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Exibition of Memorial Raid association 1942 in Čurug

Exibition of Memorial Raid association 1942 in Čurug – amateur exibit in Topal’s warehouse, place where Hungarian fascists in January 1942 for just few days killed more than 500 innocent people, women and children.

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