Memorial complex “Crna čuprija” is is commemorative space area with 472 ha, which is located 10 km from Žabalj on the road from Novi Sad to Zrenjanin. In 1991 the complex was declared as Cultural monument of great importance. In the memory of victims of fascists from this area and Sajkaska’s people fight for freedom in 1962 the monument for raid victims was built within the complex. Author of the monument, 9 m high, is sculptor Jovan Soldatović.

Near this monument there is another monument in the shape of water lily flower, work of fine artist Vladislav Rajčetić. Five marble panels with the names of the victims from Žabalj surround the flower. Panles and the flower were made of bronze but were stolen in 2009. Then, marble ones replaced them.

Monument for raid victims in Čurug is aroung 6 km from the settlement, on the embankment near Tisa – close to the place where the victims were killed and thrown under the ice.

Monument of the mother protecting the child in the center of Čurug, besides school with the panel in the lawn, indicates to raid vicitms as well.

Monument dedicated to fighters for peoples’ freedom in Second World War and victims of fascists 1941-45 in center of Djurdjevo is work of Jovan Soldatović. Couple of hundreds of names are carved on the monument.

Monument for martyrs who faught for peoples’ freedom in Second World War in center of Gospođinci

Monument to Sonja Marinković in center of Žabalj.

Monument for reconciliation in Čurug was built in memory of innocent Hungarian victims killed in 1945.

Monument of Family Beljanski in Gospođinci- some of the Beljanski family members are buried in the churchyard, including Pavle Beljanski who left his art collection to Serbian people. It is transferred to Novi Sad and presented in special purpose built gallery.

Monumental Park in Gospođinci – built on the place of army airport from Second World War. In 1945, 423rd airforce regiment acted from this place in the final battles for liberation of Yugoslavia